Fixed Film Media System Provides Year-Round Nitrification and BNR

Aeration Industries' new AIRE-O2 Bio-ffilm® fixed film media system offers a cost effective wastewater facility upgrade that increases plant performance and capacity by providing year-round nitrification and BNR. The Bio-ffilm system is a submerged, attached-growth media process using proprietary fabric technology with a high effective surface area. Suspended in vertical sheets, the media is paired with Aire-O2 Triton® aerators to create dedicated treatment "arrays." The aerators provide horizontal mixing and aeration between the fixed film media sheets for solids suspension, nutrient treatment, oxygen diffusion, and biomass sustainability. Installation and maintenance are easy with the float-mounted Bio-ffilm system, eliminating the need for new construction and plant downtime.

  • The concentrated biomass creates conditions for a high degree of nitrification year-round, even during cold weather.
  • Process is self-regulating and requires no maintenance.
  • Dense biomass communities on the fixed film increase Solids Retention Time (SRT) in the system and provide the added benefit of facilitating simultaneous nitrification/denitrification processes.
  • Media can also be added to enhance BOD removal.
  • Adding Bio-ffilm media decreases F/M ratio, which allows for possibility of applying higher influent loadings to the process.

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